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        SYD-RL8371 Iron ore cracking index measurement device
            發布時間: 2014-09-24 14:11    

        The cracking index of iron ore lumps is a critical parameter for the evaluation of its crushing behavior in upper part of blast furnace, which is widely adopted in the pricing of iron ores in international market. The cracking of iron ore lumps is due to rapid evaporation of free and crystal water during heating and also the heterogeneous heating in different parts or lumps, which is very important for the smooth operation of blast furnace. The permeability of burden column in blast furnace may be seriously deteriorated by the powders produced by the crushing of iron ore lumps, and consequently the economic parameters of blast furnace during smelting will be influenced. The cracking property of natural iron ore lump, sinter and pellets for different locations or factories is of significant difference. Hence, the cracking behavior of iron-bearing materials have to be tested before practical application in consideration of economy. This machine is developed based on latest ISO 8371-2007 and GB/T 10322.6 standards.   

        Main features

        1.Fast heating furnace with small thermal latency and fast resumption of temperature after charging of sample;

        2. Exclusive mechanisms for loading and unloading of sample box, which eliminate the risk of operators from injury;

        3.The sample box is equipped with a protective cover, which can avoid the damage caused by the fragmentation of sample;

        4.The large constant temperature field can ensure the homogeneous heating of sample in case of large charging quantity.

        5.Automatic temperature control with customization supported;

        6.Automatic switching mechanism of oven door and no manual participation is necessary during the test process, which improves the efficiency and safety;

        7.Touch-screen computer and independent software are provided with complete information display and control on testing process;

        8.Reports are provided by computer and the history report of data are available at any time;

        9.Optional automatic balance data entering system, which can make the entering of sample weight automatically;

        10.Equipped with touch-screen operation interface, which simplifies the operation of test;

        11.Optional printer can directly output of the test report.

        Wireless automatic sample data transmission system composed of balance and touch-screen system (optional)

        Automatic loading and unloading of samples box

        Automatic switching of oven door

          Test report can be directly printed from the integrated printer

        Integrated control with only one power cord

        Process characteristics

        Power supply:

        Voltage: AC 380V±10%, 50Hz (customizable)

        Rated power: 10kW (Max);

        Temperature control:

        Temperature resolution: 1;

        Temperature control mode: automatic;

        Temperature control curve: standard or custom;

        Temperature control process: ambient temperature to 700,

        Heating rate: ≤25/min;

        Holding of temperature: 700 for 30min ( customizable);

        Electric furnace features:

        Working temperature: 1000(Max);

        Rated power: 8kW (Max);

        Resistance wire: spiral high temperature resistant alloy wire.

        Furnace accessories features:

        Sample box material: 316 L;

        Thermocouple: armored K type.

        Loading and unloading features:

        Unloading: electric;

        Quantity: automatic loading and unloading of 10 sample boxes.

        Self-protection feature:

        Sound alarm: volume: 60 to 70 db;

        Overheating protection: hardware output automatic breach;

        Screening features:

        Screening test: Conform to the ISO 3310-1, ISO3310-2;

        25.0mm, 20.0mm, 8.00mm, 6.30mm, 3.15mm, 0.50mm

        Weighing feature (optional):

        Form a complete set of scales: wireless automatic data upload computers to record and report.

        Communication features (optional):

        Optional uploading and sharing of data with TCP/IP network and LIMS supported.

        Control software: SYDwin-RL8371

        Environment temperature and humidity: 0 to 50, 0 to 90%RH non-condensing.

        Storage/transportation temperature: -40to 70;

        Weight: 550kg;

        Dimensions (L×W×H): 1520×1090×1658;

        Installation: horizontal placement.