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        SYD-F200S Double-headed protective drum
            發布時間: 2014-09-24 15:37    

        The drum is used for the determination of coke strength after reaction (CSR) after coke reactivity test. The index of CSR is applied for the evaluation of mechanical strength of coke in high temperature zones of blast furnace, namely the resistance of coke to degradation in certain atmosphere and temperature conditions.

        Double drum body for high workload;

        Satisfy the high precision ISO standard requirements of ±0.1r/min;

        Internal sample lifting system;

        Independent rotatable charging door and independent discharge door;

        The testing procedure will be stopped automatically when the furnace door is opened and will be continued once the furnace door is closed;

        Internal high-strength steel frame eliminates the resonant noise;

        The charging and discharging heights are ergonomic.

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